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Joshua Behlar


Chief Executive Officer

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Joshua's Story

Joshua Behlar is a disabled veteran who spent 12 years in the US Army working as an Interrogator.

His career included countless awards, two tours to Afghanistan, and a plethora of education while working
with the Federal government in a military capacity.


The military gave Joshua an acute attention to detail and after traveling the world during his military career, he gained a very in depth understanding of all cultures and their people. After beginning a family with

co-owner/spouse, Jenna Behlar, Joshua decided to leave the military and pursue a career as an Entrepreneur. Joshua began investing in Real Estate at a young age and eventually entered the Real Estate world as an investor, agent, and advisor while living in Colorado. 

Joshua invested into the Hemp Industry in Colorado and was co-owner/grower of two medical hemp production facilities. After Joshua and Jenna decided to move back home to Louisiana during Covid,  Joshua became co-owner and lead cultivation consultant for three additional Cannabis Companies. Neutral Ground Farms, which provides Boutique CBD premium flower to patience all over the state of Louisiana, and Delta Bud Co and Delta Bud Farmacy, which provides premium THC flower to medical patience throughout the state of Mississippi.

Throughout the years of entrepreneurship,  Joshua saw Jenna's love and talent for the aesthetic industry.  Jenna completed her Nurse Practitioner degree and was immediately hired to run a spa in Denver, Colorado because of her enthusiasm and curiosity for the aesthetic industry. 

Jenna was placed through an intensive training process that brought her to various locations all over the US.  Shortly after Covid started, Joshua and Jenna decided to move back home to be around family  and knew it was time to pursue a bigger dream to help everyone feel better physically and
emotionally to get away from the negativity of everything life may bring during hard times.  Joshua and Jenna placed all their effort and energy into building a Medical Spa from the ground up in their home state of Louisiana. Joshua began advertising and talking to anyone and everyone about the benefits of neurotoxins, fillers, IV Therapy, and other additional services that were being offered. After finding the perfect locations and creating a team to complete all tasks at hand to open the spa, Ozoned Studio Med Spa Lakeview was opened.
Shortly after opening the Lakeview Spa, Joshua and Jenna decided to open Ozoned Studio Med Spa in
Mandeville, LA off Highway 22. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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